Harmonious Health is about identifying the root cause of symptoms to correct imbalances and create healing for the body, mind and soul. Together we will look at all aspects of your life and find holistic solutions so that you can live a balanced life and be the best version of yourself.


Integrative Nutrition health Coach

The focus is not only on nutrition but on all other aspects of wellness and well-being; looking at how the relationship between lifestyle and food is affecting all areas of your health and wellness.

Yoga teacher & Meditation instructor

Yoga and meditation are complementary practices; through them you can voluntarily control internal states and develop awareness and self realisation.


I’m so happy I chose to work with Anouk. She listens, cares, and knows what she’s talking about. After years of suffering from different health issues including an auto-immune condition, I really felt better for the first time in years, just after 3 months of us working together. She is not only a holistic health coach but a counsellor; looking at all aspects of health including the mind.”

“I needed advice and knew I needed to make changes but I was scared it was going to be really tough with goals I wouldn’t be able to stick to in the long run. In just a few weeks, Anouk helped me get back on the path to health. She helps me with my food shopping and is always giving me tips that are easy to implement (and more importantly to stick to). Without Anouk, I wouldn’t have made these small changes but these small changes are proving to be major to my overall health.”

“Whilst in deep grief and sorrow, Anouk helped me find the light and connect with an inner peace I didn’t know I had. Through meditation and yoga, Anouk helped me move out of a space I thought would never end…”



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